What is a BDA System and How Can It Benefit Your Building?

Emergencies can happen at a moment’s notice. No matter the situation, you want to communicate with the inbound emergency services to help efficiently and effectively to best coordinate their efforts. With these situations potentially causing issues with the lines of communication, having systems in place to help boost your communication abilities and signal strength as needed in a crisis scenario is critical. By having a BDA system installed by Network Drops, Monmouth County, NJ’s top low voltage wiring contractors, you take solace knowing you are prepared for a crisis. 

What is a BDA System?

Infographic detailing what a BDA system is

A bi-directional amplifier system allows emergency responders coming to your building to communicate with each other in areas with poor or minimal reception. Having the ability to communicate clearly with people on the inside, no matter where they are in the building, is critical in these situations. By boosting the radio frequency signals throughout your facility, public safety radios will have an easier time delivering clear communications when they need it the most. 

What Goes Into the Installation of a BDA System?

By placing receivers and signal boosters strategically around the building, you effectively increase the coverage capabilities of the public safety radios in and around your facility. Without these boosters, dead zones can create areas where emergency responders cannot clearly communicate the circumstances of that particular area and make coordinating efforts more difficult. 

How Much Is a BDA System Going to Cost You?

The bottom line remains one of the most critical aspects of upgrading your building. You want solutions that offer the best value and provide your facility with the best possible coverage. In regards to BDA systems, the cost per square foot is a relatively inexpensive investment. Consulting with an experienced BDA system installer will help you determine how to best layout the system and make the best use of the square footage available while keeping your costs down. 

Whether you are in the market for a new BDA system or need help upgrading your business security systems, Network Drops can help you find the right solutions for your needs. Contact our team to learn more about our services and a free site survey and estimate today!

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