When an office building has dozens of employees in-house working around the clock to get their projects done on time, the last thing they want is for their internet connection to fall flat. With their WiFi network speed being one of the most critical things to impact their overall productivity, your team needs upload and download speeds to handle the job. For offices using ethernet cables for their networking solutions, they have to wonder what makes their connection speed falter at the most inopportune times.

While some might blame the ethernet cables or their ports not being the most up-to-date on the market, that’s not the only factor that can impact overall performance. Here are some of the most important determining factors that can affect your company’s internet services, network cables, download, and upload speeds. 

Number Of People On The Network

One major contributing factor that affects your office’s network speed revolves around volume: the number of people accessing your WiFi at the same time will impact your network performance. Regardless of the type of ethernet cables you use, high network traffic will affect your overall performance in ways you may not have expected.

The Type Of Cable You Use

When you start looking for network infrastructure services to help address your office networking needs, the type of cables they use can significantly impact performance. While you can still find CAT5 wiring in offices across the country, they have a hard limit on the amount of information they can transfer at a time. To genuinely future-proof your network, you need to keep the wiring up-to-date. 

Most offices have switched over to CAT6 and CAT 6a wiring to help their networks meet the demands of a modern office environment. You want cabling solutions that can handle more devices accessing the network while maintaining effective transfer speeds for all of their needs. 

Location, Location, Location

As the old adage goes, “location is everything,” the same goes for your office networks. Typically, your office network performance tends to rely on how close you are to the network source. The closer you are to your network’s router or primary source, the better the network performance. In most cases, your office has limited space close to the router so that prime real estate gets prioritized based on team needs; it can be hard to jump the priority line to get the prime spot near the router and experience the connection boost. 

With the right Ethernet cables, you can have your devices connect directly to the router and experience near-instant connectivity, download, and upload speeds versus traditional WiFi. 

Pick The Best Cables For The Job

Understanding your network’s growing and evolving needs will help you better identify the type of network and ethernet cabling solutions you need. Whether you need a more secure connection, increased cable lengths, increased bandwidth, or download speeds, picking the right cables for your needs can ensure that you have a network capable of handling the tasks your team takes daily. 

The right ethernet cabling choice can also provide you with the audio-video conferencing solutions you have been looking for. A stable connection can help make your next video conference go as smoothly as possible, thanks to the hardwired connection to the router provided by an ethernet cable. 

Pick The Right Network Installers For Your Company

As companies begin to look at ways to improve their networks for an increasingly digital world, finding the right team to handle the installation and future updates for your network is critical. With the Network Drops team in your corner, you can rest assured that your network speeds can handle the volume you need to stay on top of your business needs. Contact the Network Drops team to schedule a consultation today!