3 Advantages of a Fiber Optic Network

With access to the internet becoming more available in places all over the world, millions of people will be surfing the internet on their phones, laptops, and tablets. To help create the best possible internet speeds, companies should invest in a fiber optic network. Choosing the right wiring for your company’s IT infrastructure is crucial. We here at Network Drops, a top supplier of structured cabling solutions in New Jersey, can help get you fitted with a top-tier fiber optic network today. For those on the fence about choosing the right network, here are three advantages that come with a high-speed fiber network:

Fastest Speeds Out There

The standard cables that can reach up to 100 mbps nowadays don’t even come close to the speeds available through fiber optics. An impressive 100 gbps can help any business run smoothly and effectively without a single problem. Cables that reach even higher speeds are currently being designed, but not available commercially just yet.

Longer Cables

Aside from being faster than your standard cat5 ethernet, fiber optics can also scale greater distances. Switching to a fiber optic network should be a no-brainer for companies that require multiple server rooms scattered across a given property.

Added Security

Now you know that a fiber optic network is not only faster and can cover more ground, but it also comes with added security. That’s right, faster, longer and more secure. With data security concerns as one of the most talked about issues when it comes to a network, a fiber optic network should be on the top of your wish list as a business owner.

Here at Network Drops, we’re here for your cabling and fiber optic network needs. To get started switching over to a fiber optic network, give us a call today at 609-601-5161. You can also contact us if you’re looking for structured cabling solutions in Montgomery County, PA, or any of the surrounding areas.