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September, 2017
The Infrastructure of Network Cabling

Over the last 25 years, structured cabling has laid the foundation for all sorts of technology; all the more connected every day. As more and more devices fill up homes and businesses, there’s an ever increasing demand for superior network cabling. In Mercer County, NJ, and other areas of New Jersey, we’ve been witnessing a revolution in wiring—requiring a higher density, and higher speeds. Thinking small scale reeks of the 90s.

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August, 2017
Re-Appropriating Past Cabling

In the ever-twisting and evolving world of network cabling, a debate has raged over the merit of Category 6 vs Category 6A. While the majority of cabling contractors will tell you Category 6A is the de facto king of Middlesex County, NJ, we think about the needs of our clients before making any such declarations.

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August, 2017
A Crash Course on Network Cabling

Though we may be living in the Wireless Age (as well as the Netflix Age), network cabling isn’t going anywhere too soon. As new technologies emerge and are introduced into our brave new technocracy, physical cabling is being utilized all the more. Despite all its recent advancements, wireless still can’t transfer data at a speed and quality that matches wired networks. As cabling contractors in Middlesex County, NJ and other parts, we’ve seen and implemented all types of network cabling.

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July, 2017
Why You Should Choose Network Drops for Network Cabling Installation?

When it comes to cabling installation in Middlesex County, NJ, you surely have a ton of options. But why should you go with Network Drops? We’ve been serving your community since 1986, and what’s kept us in business so long is our commitment to expertise, outstanding customer service, and of course, superior cable installation.

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June, 2017
The Science Behind the Conference Room?

Be you an IT company, a conclave of artists, or a lab of evil scientists, you probably congregate in a conference room at least once a week. Depending on the size and length of your meetings, you may prefer a smaller space for closer collaborating; or a grand imperial hall, gleaming with polished metals, and the latest in digital technology.

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June, 2017
Cat5E vs Cat6: Which Do You Need?

At Network Drops, our most frequent request for cabling installation in Middlesex County, NJ, from our clients is copper wire cabling. Copper is the most commonly used kind of cabling that runs to office computers. In today’s professional environment, utilizing the latest and greatest technology is vital.

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February, 2017
Five Reasons Why Fiber Optics Cables Are Better Than Copper

Remember the age of dial-up internet and how painfully slow it used to be?

Thank goodness for technology!

Internet providers began using fiber as a medium by which to transmit internet signal about a decade ago. Faster internet speeds followed. Copper cables are another option and while they are less expensive, optical fiber is faster, more reliable and possesses better bandwidth potential.

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January, 2017
The Advantages of Fiber Optics

Of all the available cables you can use to wire your IT infrastructure, fiber optics is without a doubt the superior option. That’s not to say we don’t recommend cat 5 cables, but if you’re going for the most length, highest speed and a bounty of bandwidth, optical fiber is the route to take (and you can take your router along for the trip).

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December, 2016
Why You Should Connect Your Law Practice

As a lawyer, you know full-well that your life revolves around a seemingly infinite amount of paperwork, client files and other documents, both legal and not. And as a lawyer in the 21st century, you also know that many, if not all, of those documents and files are contained virtually, in PDFs and online.

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November, 2016
IT Infrastructure: Pharmaceutical Edition

Not only is having a sound and efficient IT infrastructure imperative to the success of any company in the pharmaceutical industry, but it’s also crucial from a legal standpoint. Pharmaceuticals today are required to comply with many codes and regulations, and IT infrastructures are no exception.

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September, 2016
Wireless Warehouse Essentials

If there's one thing that an effective warehouse values, it’s efficiency; a well-ordered structure. And if there's one thing we value here at Network Drops, it's also structure. So when it comes getting your warehouse operation to go wireless, who better than us to help you?

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August, 2016
Size Matters When it Comes to Network Cabling

To the untrained eye, Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6 cables may seem identical. They all look the same on the surface, and each of them will plug into an ethernet port. But for data cabling cohttp//:ntractors, the three types of networking cords, in terms of what’s going on beneath their casings, are different. Not vastly different, but they’re unique enough that it’s worth thinking twice about which one to buy, depending on your specific needs.

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July, 2016
5 Tips for Maintaining a Clean Server Room

Your server room is almost certainly a walk-in closet, and closets exist primarily so you can quickly throw your junk out of sight, right? In terms of your broom closet, go ahead and just pile your stuff in there—you know, in a way which causes the built up mess to come crashing out when the door opens.

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June, 2016
The Different Kinds of Cables Explained

When it comes to cabling your business’ IT infrastructure, there are many options from which to choose. You might be a bit confused, and unsure about the type of infrastructure that’s right for your company’s specific needs. But there’s no need to worry! We’re happy to help you figure out what kinds of cabling will make the most sense.

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May, 2016
Why Your Business’ IT Infrastructure Matters

When it comes to your company’s IT infrastructure, the way in which your network is set up matters, simply put. As we delve further into the age of computers, the relationship between business and technology becomes more and more intertwined every day, and if your network lags, so will your company as a whole.

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April, 2016
Total Internal Reflection 101

Total internal reflection is a scientific phenomenon critical in fiber optics. Since we think the mechanics are fascinating, we thought it would be useful to pose a scenario that helps better explain what makes optical fiber work.

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March, 2016
Common Optical Fiber Applications

When it comes to communicating, there’s no doubt that optical fiber is a popular way to go these days. Fiber optic cables are fast, secure and strong. Transmission loss is minimal, and data can travel great distances. It’s also a cheaper delivery method. There’s more bandwidth, zero potential for fire, and the list goes on.

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