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Audio & Video Conferencing Solutions in NJ

Business Audio Video
Creating a Cutting-Edge Conference Room That Features High-Quality Equipment That Provides Videos and Audio By choosing our company's services in Mercer, a business will be able to add custom monitors to a conference room, install speakers to any section of the room, configure new wiring, integrate outlets into the table and add custom lighting. While offering audio video conference room solutions, our experts may also install devices that can hold tablets or smartphones, and we are able to create new access points and to install routers for the room.

Linking the System to Various Networks

Situated in Middlesex County, New Jersey, our business can connect the room's monitor to various computers that access Wi-Fi, and we may provide a customized remote that is linked to the monitor. In some cases, the company will be able to install a small screen for each member of the conferences. The monitors may be linked to a user's mobile device and can feature ports that are compatible with flash drives.

Encouraging Dialogue

Our experts in Monmouth are able to install a microphone for each individual who participates in conferences. A user will generally press a button in order to activate the equipment and may attach headphones to the device that holds the microphone. While customizing a conference room in Middlesex County, New Jersey, we can install electrical outlets and brackets that hold tablets.

Utilizing a Projector

When offering audio video conference room solutions in Mercer, our company can add a screen for a projector and connect a sizable projector to computers and external wires. We have the ability to install a durable mount and mobile brackets that allow a client to easily modify the projector's position.

Preventing Interference

Our specialists in Monmouth are capable of ensuring that each wire has a terminal point that eliminates static and interference, and we are able to add supports and components that can route the line to other rooms. Our business may connect a server's cables directly to the main computers of a conference room that is situated in Mercer and install devices that monitor the connectivity of the wires. Moreover, our company will thoroughly test the performance of each line.

Creating a Blueprint

While planning a project in Middlesex County, New Jersey, our business may help you to develop a blueprint that indicates the locations of monitors, microphones, extra wires, projectors, holders that are compatible with tablets, seats and speakers. Moreover, we can indicate the project's duration and determine the number of individuals that the custom room will be able to accommodate.

Requesting a Free Quote

Established in 1986, our company specializes in wiring for networks of all sizes, fiber optics, conference rooms and wireless devices, and we have provided services for labs, corporate offices, warehouses and companies that manage large server rooms. If you want to set up a free consultation and receive a written estimate for our audio video conference room solutions in Monmouth, you can submit our company's form and add a message about the project. You may also call 609-447-0941.

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